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At Euro-Mat, we redefine collaboration between builders merchants and partner-suppliers, infusing it with vibrancy and results-driven strategies to meet the dynamic demands of the building industry.
Through a comprehensive set of services for builders merchants and partner-suppliers, we don’t just facilitate collaboration; we orchestrate a symphony of innovation, learning, and growth. Join us in reshaping the narrative of the building industry!


Step into a world of inspiration at our annual events! The Euro-Mat Forum in May is a dynamic showcase where partner suppliers unveil their latest innovations, creating a synergy of ideas with our extensive network of builders merchants. The Product Meeting in September facilitates in-depth discussions on chosen topics, allowing product and category managers to exchange insights. Our CEO Summit in November, an exclusive gathering of industry leaders, sparks transformative discussions around a central theme, providing a unique and intimate setting for inspiration.


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As a Euro-Mat member, unlock the power of data with our custom-made dashboard. Your personal login opens the door to a visual feast of key metrics, performance indicators, and trends crucial to the building sector. Gain real-time insights, enhance decision-making, and elevate project management efficiency through our robust database.


Embark on a journey of discovery with Euro-Mat! We connect our network with the latest technologies, trends, materials, and innovations through industry visits, webinars on cutting-edge topics like circular construction, digitalization, and energy efficiency, and events that foster the exchange of knowledge. Boost your visibility through our supplier guide and newsletters, ensuring your innovations reach the right audience.

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Euro-Mat is your gateway to tailored learning experiences. In collaboration with renowned universities, our network offers custom-made courses like the Masterclass ‘The Future of Building.’ Delve into topics like digital transformation, sustainable practices, smart building, and workforce development, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities defining the future of the construction industry.