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The origin of the company was more than 130 years ago. Anton Ullrich’s idea of joining several sections to a folding rule with a rivet hinge gave the impulse to found the company. This ingenious idea was to determine the future of the company which is owned by the family still today. After further important innovations and the development of the spring hinge, Gustav Ullrich, the nephew of Anton Ullrich, founded a company that exclusively produced measuring tools. Today this company – meanwhile grown up to the middle-class company STABILA – is selling high quality measuring tools in more than eighty countries world-wide, and its continual innovation power allows to develop and produce new and practical measuring tools.

The name STABILA as well as the product quality are the basis for the company’s success. To take these high quality requirements into account, STABILA is backing a high production intensity, which means to assure that even the smallest parts are of high quality, too, and to carry through regular quality controls during the manufacturing process. Most modern manufacturing techniques as well as strict quality checks are part of the company’s standard. STABILA is certified according to ISO 9001.

According to the today’s requirements on the building suite, it is not only folding rules and spirit levels that leave the factory today, but also measuring tapes and above all laser levelling units. These products are developed by a team of developing engineers and own application technicians as well as with the help of the craftsmen’s experience.

Product Spectrum

Spirit levels, measuring tapes, folding rules, laser technique
The product and delivery spectrum of STABILA contains all common and necessary measuring tools needed on a building site, as well as the needed high quality accessories. These are as follows:

» Spirit levels, also for special use
» Accessories for spirit levels, from gluing scale to marking aid
» Laser for the building site in all executions as point, line and rotation laser, as well as distance measuring units
» Laser accessories, from prism to tripod
» Measuring tapes in case / on frame, with measuring blades of different materials
» A big variety of pocket measuring tapes
» Wooden folding rules with the most different joints and lacquers
» Straight edges, levelling boards and darbies in different versions


Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Australia, China
For STABILA being a manufacturer of high quality products, the location Germany and “MADE IN GERMANY” is still very important, especially for the export business.

By far most of the products distributed by STABILA are produced in Annweiler still today. The folding rules are manufactured in the Czech Republic in a factory that is owned by STABILA and was built 25 years ago.

Further locations are distributing organisations in the United States of America, Australia and China from where we supply the north American, Australian and Asian markets.

Company details

Landauer Strasse 45
76855 Annweiler a. Trifels, Germany
Afbeelding STABILA