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At SAFETY JOGGER, it is in our nature to protect. We strongly believe in active workplace risk prevention by developing professional footwear, gloves and socks that meet the highest global industry standards.


Safety Jogger is a global division of Safety Footwear, gloves and socks with a balanced collection of evergreen and fashionable product for men & women. Safety Jogger products are always in stock, work for all professions, meet all norms & standards, have the best value vs quality ration, stand out in terms of durability & comfort are supported by global marketing actions.


Our goal is to bring exceptional added value in terms of product quality, service and innovation putting the protection of people at work first. As we control every step from the design to the final distribution, we aim to offer a profound technological expertise tailored to the requirements of our customers worldwide.


We always want to be one step ahead when it comes to design, comfort and protection. Continuous investments in product development, research and state-of-the-art technology allow us to manufacture the most advanced safety products, based on real time market demands.

Our in-house design and development teams can count on the latest specialized software, a modern sample making facility, a professional lab and a revolutionary 3D printer to implement new technologies faster, more precise and with less waste. This results in a well-balanced collection of fashionable and innovative safety products for both men and women. Always in stock and 24/7 available on our online order platform.

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Meersbloem Melden 42
9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium