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RAWLPLUG – 100 years of expertise in fixings, fasteners and tools

J.J.  Rawlings invented the world’s first wall plug in 1919. It was only a prelude to a series of Rawlplug’s patents which revolutionised the construction industry. And although a lot has changed over the last 100 years, one thing remains invariably certain: Rawlplug is an expert in the sector of fixings, delivering professional products, specialised services and innovative training courses. Our fixings are used at construction sites all over the world to build roads, bridges, tunnels, underground railways, sports facilities, products halls, warehouses, or power engineering facilities, and wherever they are used Rawlplug delivers unmatched quality and reliability of manufacture. Keeping the production process under strict control (starting from the raw material purchase up till the finished product testing), we make sure that our customers receive fixings which guarantee stability of installation and top quality parameters. We mainly address designers and contractors with our offer. Being an expert, we know how important it is to ensure professional support at every stage of investment, which is why we provide far more than just products, namely comprehensive solutions dedicated to the construction industry. Rawlplug’s offer rests upon 3 pillars which support the work performed by the industry’s professionals. Experienced engineering and sales personnel, in-house research laboratories and state-of-the-art production technologies are elements of a process that enables us to deliver fixings of unrivalled quality which you can depend on even when dealing with the most demanding structures. Our technical support comprising proprietary free-of-charge design applications and Rawlplug Technical Helpdesk as well as the integrated knowledge development and competence building programme known as Rawlplug Academy complement the portfolio of the Rawlplug brand – an expert you can trust.

Products: bonded anchors, mechanical anchors, lightweight fixings, facade insulation fixings, roofing insulation fixings, power tool accessories, manual and direct fastening systems, foams and sealants, passive fire protection system, fasteners.

Services: Technical consultancy, Rawlplug Technical Helpdesk, on-site strength testing, EasyFix, BIM Rawlplug, Technical Library, Product Selector, Technical FAQ

Training: e-learning platform, Training Centre, traditional training courses, knowledge base

Company details

ul. Kwidzyńska 6
PL – 51-416 Wroclaw, Poland
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