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Founded in 1986, MULTIPLAST is a French leading industrial Group specialized in the production of Protection Films and Tarps.

Major European actor in this sector, we are positioned in many segments of the market among which the Professional networks of the protective films.

During the past five years, important investments were made focused on the R&D and the production capacity.


An exceptional factory with automatic and sophisticated production equipments : high capacity,

logistic plateform able to deliver everywhere in Europe, fast delivery time,

Factory direct,

High permanent Quality standard,

wide range from entry level to up market, only focused on film protection,

segmentation of the offer up to high technical features,

R&D and Technical department able to follow the sales teams,

Human resources approach : affordability from the down to the top management,

Direct and easy internal / external communication.

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Company details

Allée Louis Pasteur
ZI les Taillas, F – 43600 Sainte-Sigolène (France)

Françoise Chen Chi Song

Marketing & Communication Director

Alicia Roman

International Development Manager