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We believe in the power of independents and buying groups. So we became experts in the business.

That’s a bold statement! It comes from close to two decades of focus helping buying groups, purchasing co-operatives, along with their independent members become more effective, more competitive and make better strategic decisions with the power of reliable, accurate, real-time data.

As the leading technology and software partner for buying groups around the world, we work elbow-to-elbow with them, learning their challenges and generating strategic ideas. We connect 40K+ independent businesses, their groups, and their suppliers. Our expertise enables us to hit the ground running, so we can deliver sound counsel, taking businesses to new heights.

Designed exclusively for buying groups.

The LBMX marketplace is built for the unique needs of buying groups with passionately independent members. We understand that even though they may face similar challenges, every group is different. Standard, off-the-shelf ERP and eCommerce software packages don’t fit the buying group model.

We built our software platform from the ground up with buying groups in mind. The LBMX marketplace ties together your suppliers, independent members, and end use customers with your group as the central core, making you the hero within your supply chain.

Company details

400 – 148 Fullarton Street
London, Ontario, N6A 5P3, Canada
Afbeelding LBMX Inc.