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Saint-Gobain ISOVER – Leader in sustainable insulation solutions

Saint-Gobain ISOVER is the world leading supplier of sustainable insulation solutions. We address customers in all major applications: residential and non-residential construction markets, industry, marine and OEM* markets. We provide high performance thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to design energy efficient constructions, to provide safe comfort and to help protect the environment. Our extensive range includes mineral wool insulation solutions (glass wool, stone wool, ULTIMATE mineral wool), complementary insulation solutions with foam products (EPS/expanded polystyrene, XPS/extruded polystyrene and PUR/PIR/polyurethane), and innovative air-tightness and moisture management systems.

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer


Saint-Gobain ISOVER at a glance:

  • Over 10.000 employees worldwide, in 40 countries
  • 51 consolidated companies
  • 63 production sites, in 30 countries
  • 8 licensees with their own production sites


ISOVER products and systems:


ISOVER glass wool

ISOVER glass wool is mainly made from sand and recycled glass. It offers excellent thermal properties that contribute to save energy and combat climate change. Thanks to its porous and elastic structure, it can be used for sound insulation and absorption. Incombustible by nature, ISOVER glass wool does not fuel fire or propagate flames.


ISOVER stone wool

ISOVER stone wool is made from volcanic rock – a natural material present in large quantities throughout the earth. It combines mechanical resistance with good thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitability.


ULTIMATE mineral wool

ULTIMATE is a unique patented mineral wool, with the same fire performance as stone wool, but much lighter, more flexible, with a higher compression, and with a better thermal performance (reduced insulation thickness).

Polyurethane (PUR/PIR)

Polyurethane insulation refers to a group of insulation materials based on PUR (polyurethane) or PIR (Polyisocyanurate). The closed cell structure and high crosslinking density of PUR and PIR gives it the characteristics of good heat stability, high compressive strength and excellent insulation properties.


Airtightness systems and moisture management systems

The highest standards for energy efficiency, lifetime performance, indoor air quality and thermal comfort all year round can only be achieved if the building shell is made perfectly airtight and protected against moisture. With the VARIO System, ISOVER has the ideal range of products to meet this challenge. They prevent uncontrolled airflows, uncomfortable draughts, expensive heat loss and damage caused by mold or other fungi.


We also offer a range of accessories to improve ease and speed of installation.

Company details

Les Miroirs 18, avenue d’Alsace
92400 Courbevoie, FRANCE
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