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Corotop® brand provides modern roofing systems which ensure the durability of any roof for many years. Our offer includes a wide range of high quality roofing, facade, and vapour barrier membranes, as well as roofing accessories.The production of Corotop membranes is an advanced process taking place according to the highest European standards. Our plant carries out the entire manufacturing process, from pure raw materials to the final product. As a result, we guarantee you products with quality which was over monitored all along the process.

Each batch of the produced material goes to a laboratory for detailed tests on the key parameters. Only carefully tested products are introduced to the market. The values of studied parameters are of utmost importance, as the membranes installed on the roof are subjected to extreme external factors. Decades of experience and specialisation in the production of Corotop roofing membranes is the best guarantee of quality and durability of our products. The reliability of the Corotop brand is confirmed through the trust of our customers, and most of all roofers, who for years have used our products on thousands of roofs. Corotop products are available in all European countries and have gained recognition among hundreds of professionals and satisfied customers, as evidenced by the continuous increase in sales and brand development.Corotop products mean more than only roofing membranes, they also include a comprehensive system of roof accessories, which provide full ventilation and stability of any roof. We offer modern solutions, based on products of the highest quality. The range of Corotop products also includes specialized adhesive tapes and repair membranes, sealing tapes, as well as products for ridge installation and ventilation, elements for sealing chimneys, roof valleys, and eaves. Complementary products in our offer include roof walks and snow protection. All products are offered in a wide range of colours and in many dimensions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Corotop is a comprehensive range of roof systems. The Corotop products of our brand stand for innovative solutions, which were deemed as dependable by many customers and contractors throughout Europe. The sales of brand products are supported by an active marketing and technical consulting, based on know-how developed through years of experience in manufacturing, trading, and marketing. Corotop is a brand of the highest quality – trust the experts.

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