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B + L Marktdaten

B+L International GmbH, headquartered in Bonn (Germany), has been a leading provider of data and forecasts for the global construction material and supply industry for over 25 years. We specialise in the sectors relating to the construction building and property industries, and producing world-wide forecasts for all products in these areas. For this purpose we continuously monitor world-wide construction development, and four times a year we update our 3-year forecasts all countries. As well as quarterly data, for the larger countries we also provide regional purchasing power and sales data. Our customers use the forecasts from the B+L Global Building Monitor (GBM) for sales management, and for the strategic assessment of products and markets, as well as for decision making relating to sales, products and investment. We provide data in any desired format for internal company analysis. Increasingly, B+L’s data can flow straight into the planning systems of our customers. Global market leaders such as Knauf, Rockwool, Schüco, Xella and BASF have been putting their trust in B+L’s forecast models for years now.


B+L products & services

  • Data Portal / Global Building Monitor

Global building projections and building industry data Portals. Export figures and further 200 indicators on annual, quarter and monthly level for more than 70 countries.  Data quantity and qualification are customised to individual requirements.

  • Product Forecasts

Over 200 annual market studies show up-to-date market sizes, sales revenues and market development projections for all products in the building industry in more than 60 countries.

  • Customised Market Research

Finding the answer to specific customer-related questions with target market, customer and product analysis allowing market assessment and the understanding of critical success factors.

  • RegioDaten

Analysis of regional product potentials on ZIP-Code level for identification of high revenue market segments and local potential.

  • Surveys (B2B)

B+L conducts surveys in various contexts of the construction supply industry and can refer to numerous previously completed projects. Accordingly, we offer different methods which are customized to each project’s specific requirements. Depending on the questions, quantitative or qualitative surveys may be most suitable. Depending on the target group, telephone surveys or online surveys will lead to better results. The know-how of B+L does not end with the collection of data: We also undertake the quality assurance of the data as well as the graphic processing and depiction of results in a detailed report. In recent years, we have conducted numerous surveys in the B2B sector at an international level. For international research, added emphasis is placed on the direct cooperation of the project manager/s with the native-speaker interviewers. Only in this way can it be ensured that reliable findings, which are comparable across country borders, are obtained from these surveys. We would gladly work with you to create an individual survey concept that meets your needs.

  • Conferences

B+L Zukunftsforum: During this conference we present our projections for the European and world wide Construction Industry.  It is our aim to convey a detailed understanding of the trends and developments in all important global markets.

B+L Sanierungskonferenz: Every year B+L conducts a great number of studies in the refurbishment markets. These results are presented during this conference.

Individual presentations: B+L is available to take part in strategic company meetings, congresses, association meetings or specific customer events.


Company details

Markt 26, D – 53111 Bonn

Robin Huth

Head of Market Research
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