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Algimouss has been a specialist in cleaning, treatment and protection products for more than 40 years.

ALGIMOUSS develops chemical products that allow you to fight against the propagation of vegetal parasites and increases the lifetime of the materials of which your habitation comprises. Our desire is to design solutions that are always easier to use.

Algimouss is a French company which is located in Maine-et-Loire in La Séguinière.

We are proud to uphold French “savoir faire” with 90% of our production being completed on our territory. The structure allows us to have great control over the quality of products by testing all of our production and being very responsive to our customers.We uphold the “made in France” by exporting in Europe to Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain and next we are counting on expanding our development to the United Kingdom.

From the beginning, Algimouss has worked on the formulation of its products in order to place the conservation of the environment at the centre of its concerns. Thus, we have committed to limit the concentration of hazardous raw materials in our solutions and to work with additives in order to optimise performance. It is why, the majority of our formulas are more than 90% biodegradable

Additionally, we prohibit the use of chlorine because of its adverse effects on the flora and fauna and its corrosive effect on materials.

Finally, we endeavour to develop our solvent-based formulations by replacing them with aqueous phase products whilst ensuring an equivalent level of performance is maintained.

Company details

Rue Edouard Branly
F – 49280 La Séguinière
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