Aligned with evolving its business model to help cities tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges around  water supply, climate resilience and sustainable building performance, Wavin has launched a short movie that brings its aspirations and nested purpose to life.


In today’s urban environments, the impact of climate change-related challenges like heat stress, floods, droughts, groundwater depletion and surface water pollution is evident on infrastructure and citizens. With more and more people continuing to flock to cities and the United Nations predicting that by 2050, over 68% of the world’s population will live in cities, there’s a need and opportunity to create healthy and sustainable environments—characterized by infrastructure solutions that promote efficient energy usage, smart climate control, reliable water supplies and stable sanitation systems.

Ultimately, the more livable, lovable cities of the future will be designed for, around and through dialogue with their citizens. To drive this message home, Wavin decided to launch “I AM YOUR CITY”. In this video, the city has a conversation with its citizens as to what it can be and what it needs in order to provide for those who call it home. It is a powerful reflection of Wavin’s nested purpose of building healthy, sustainable environments, and touches the four pillars Wavin seeks to impact: healthy and accessible drinking water supply, good sanitation systems, climate-resilient urban settings and better building performance.

The dialogue on the future of cities is just beginning. And Wavin will be at the center of it, making spaces that urban residents are happy to call their own.


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