Wavin’s latest product makes drinking water supplies safer and installers’ lives easier. Our Tigris K5 replaces traditional ways of tracing leaks with a brand new method that stimulates the senses. In this blog we’ll let you in on the smart new feature that made Wavin a whistleblower.


Photo by JP Viguier



Ready to be blown away? We’ve just launched a breakthrough product for safer drinking water supply. Wavin contributes to sustainable, healthy environments and we try to make life easier for the installer along the way. For a long time, the only way to detect water leaks was by running water through pressurized pipes and seeing where they dripped. Though effective, this traditional way of discovering leaks proved dangerous as the stagnant water left behind after the pressure test can cause a legionella outbreak.

Determined to find a solution, we talked to expert installers and evaluated the existing designs. After a process of trial and error, we came up with : Acoustic Leak Alert. Instead of exposing a leak by running water through pressurized pipes, today we can run air through them and our Tigris K5 will make a whistling sound at exactly the spot where the fitting fails. Welcome to the sound of innovation.


But we  didn’t stop there. Using  insights gained from installers, we maximized the bore of the fitting to optimize the flow and redesigned the fitting so it can be pressed with common pressing jaws. That way you don’t have  to buy expensive new tools when switching to Wavin. No wonder the  Tigris K5 has already won several awards:


  • The Mosecker Award in Germany
  • A Gold medal at the INSTALLATIONS 2020 fair in Poland
  • The 2020 VSK Award at  the Netherlands’ biggest installation fair


Across Europe, contractors and pipeline installers are making the switch from water pressure to air pressure testing. Hypérion, the tallest wooden residential tower in France, is a great example of the Tigris K5 at work. With water damage being a huge risk for wooden constructions, acoustic leak detection offered a great solution.

Wavin is an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry across the continents. Being a pioneer in sustainable water infrastructure and backed up by more than sixty years of experience, we’re geared up to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges in safe and efficient water supply, sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities and better building performance. We engage and collaborate with city leaders, engineers, contractors and installers to help make cities future-proof.


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