Online purchasing is becoming more and more common in the overall consumers market. The amount of online purchase channels is growing, and virtually any product can be found and bought online these days. 10 years ago, for instance, I had no choice but to go to a supermarket to get my groceries, and carry them home myself. Nowadays, I can select and buy the same groceries online without ever having to leave my desk, and continue writing this article whilst awaiting their prompt delivery. An entire customer journey behind the very laptop this article is written on.

By Dirk Hoogenboom
2 Jul 2019
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In the more conservative market of home improvement products, however, online purchasing is not as common yet, as a larger share of customers still prefer to buy home improvement products from physical DIY stores. Be that as it may, online purchasing is just one part of the customer journey, a journey that always starts with orientation, the most important phase for manufacturers and brands to catch the eye of the consumer. To shed light on consumers’ orientation behaviour, and especially online orientation in the home improvement market, USP Marketing Consultancy focused on orientation and new ways of searching in the Q1 2019 report of the European Home Improvement Monitor.