Orientation and the DIY market; new ways of searching

In the last couple of years, the way consumers orientate themselves for purchases has changed significantly. The typical consumer customer journey now starts online and sometimes stays online for the entire process. In the US, the typical starting point is no longer Google, but Amazon. Besides these developments there are many new ways of orientation and searching for information, for example via applications like Pinterest and voice assisted searches. The key questions we want to answer with the latest Q1 2019 report of the European home improvement monitor (new ways of searching) is if these changes in general consumer behaviour also influence  the way consumers orientated themselves and look for information on home improvement jobs & products.

In the European home improvement monitor we try to cover one of the key trends in the home improvement market each quarter, ranging from purchase behaviour to the trend towards DIFM. As mentioned the Q1 2019 report is all about orientation behaviour and new ways of searching when it comes to home improvement products and jobs. The full report covers key new and existing orientation and search platforms and shows the degree of use by consumers.
The full report covers many topics, a short report impression can be found below. The full report is now available for 3,000 Euro (covering 11 European countries) or free in combination with a 1 year subscription.

I understand that is sometimes difficult to asses the content and value of a report based on a short email and report impression. Therefore, I would be more than happy to schedule a short skype call with you so I can show you the full report and what you can get out of it.

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