When this family home was renovated, Sarking L Comfort panels were added to the pitched roof to give the attic rooms excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

This bungalow in Amay in southern Belgium was built partly in the 1960s and partly in the 1980s. It was in urgent need of a thorough upgrade. “The roof was completely worn out. We even saw rainwater trickle down into one of the rooms. It was high time to take action,” the owner says.

And that is exactly what happened. The renovation of the roof was outsourced to Ledda & Fils, a family business based in Vottem, Belgium.

“The pitched roof’s total surface area is 185 m²,” Giovanni Ledda says as he comes down his ladder. The client chose Sarking L Comfort insulation panels for this site. They are special PIR insulation panels with a 35 mm wood layer. The main advantage of these panels over regular Sarking boards, is that they have a very strong acoustic performance: they stop 10 decibels of noise from outside.

“I’ve installed so many of these roof panels before. They offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The owners of this house sleep under the pitched roof. Proper thermal and acoustic insulation is important, because it offers extra comfort,” Giovanni says.

UNILIN products are also very easy to install. “The roof panels are already attached to the PIR insulation, which really moves things along. Two men can install 100 m² in a single day,” Giovanni beams.

The insulation is installed from the outside, so the residents don’t have to change their daily routine during the work.

36 years of experience with UNILIN

Giovanni Ledda has been a roofer for 36 years. “I remember when I got onto my first roof in 1983 like it was yesterday. Even back then, my boss used UNILIN products. They’re what I’m used to, and I’m still as satisfied as ever. And when you’re satisfied, you stick to the same brand,” Giovanni smiles.

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