The Belgian brand TEC7 is launching a full range of waterproofing products under the name Waterprotec7, or WP7 for short. A small range with a wide array of applications.

TEC7 is synonymous with quality and innovation. Almost 30 years ago, the Belgian family business Novatech launched a market disruptive innovation with the introduction of the TEC7 product. One product to replace an entire assortment of other adhesives and sealants. Now, there is not only the TEC7 product, but also the TEC7 brand. A small range of products for the construction sector, all of them top class.

This range is now being expanded to include 7 waterproofing products, the Waterprotec7 range. In the same way as the adhesives and sealants market was ready for modernisation 30 years ago, the waterproofing market is now ready for a refresh. We remain true to the TEC7 motto: “Simplify”. Where other brands need more than 20 products, the WP7 products are sufficient to solve more than 90 percent of all waterproofing problems professionally, effectively and permanently. From the roof to the basement.


Waterprotec7, WP7 for those who know us, consists of two subgroups: “Roof” and “Wall + Basement”.

The 4 “WP7 Roof” products focus on effective waterproofing, ease of use and long-term UV resistance:

  • WP7-101 Universal Roof Sealing: An innovative MS polymer roof-sealing paste that is completely UV-resistant from a layer thickness of 1 mm.
  • WP7-201 Instant Waterproof: Top class rubber coating in a 500 ml aerosol. Perfect for all quick waterproofing and protection jobs on the roof, camper, caravan, boat, etc.
  • WP7-202 Rooftape: Top quality butyl rubber roof sealing tape. Never tears, never sags and can withstand wind and weather for years.
  • WP7-301 Roofing Waterproof: All-weather repair product for roofing, asphalt and other bituminous materials. Even in the rain…

“WP7 Basement + Wall” comprises 3 products that have been tested on the most difficult wet (basement) walls. They are effective and efficient even very high loads of harmful wall salts.

  • WP7-401 Facade Waterproof: The simple, permanent solution for wet façades. A perfectly manageable and dosable façade cream that makes the surface deeply water-repellent and vapour-permeable.
  • WP7-402 Stop Rising Damp: Professional injection cream for a lifelong waterproof barrier against rising groundwater. The preferred solution for one of the most difficult renovation problems.
  • WP7-501 Wall + Basement Waterproof: The simplest solution for the trickiest basement walls. A high-quality polymer cement coating that also works on wet, weak walls and floors with a high saltpetre content.


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