Consistent ecological policy, with high quality and safety, is a crucial element of STEGU’s business activity. Although our modern production lines allow us to automate the manufacturing process, we make sure that our activities have as little impact on the environment as possible. All waste from the manufacturing of concrete tiles is reused in the production process. In 2019 we started introducing new packaging, using only recycled cardboard and FSC-certified materials, as well as less amount of adhesives, paints and energy, thanks to the use of flexographic technology. This way we save over 1600 trees a year!



In recent months, STEGU introduced two novelties to the market, in line with current design trends – Stockholm panel and Mollis collection. Stockholm is a concrete architectural panel, standing out with its modern, raw and minimalistic design, available in two colors. Mollis is a line of upholstered panels, available in several shapes and dimensions, and over a dozen of colors – including trendy mustard, turquoise and navy as well as classic shades of beige and gray. Stockholm and Mollis were positively received by the market, both in Poland and abroad.


Architectural tiles interior and exterior
STOCKHOLM is a concrete architectural panel, dedicated for internal and external use. Great size of the panel makes it a perfect product for spacious, high rooms, as well as large external walls of dwelling houses, office buildings or areas of public use.


Concrete architectural panel STOCKHOLM distinguishes itself by characteristic pits and minimalistic design, in accordance with modern architectural trends. Through the use of concrete, the panels are resistant to frost, difficult weather conditions and dirt.


STEGU mollis® upholstered decorative panels are an innovative product line that responds to the needs of the modern interior market and current trends. mollis® is an original alternative to soft wall decoration. The panels arranged on the wall give the interior a cozy and unique atmosphere with a three-dimensional effect.
mollis® products are perfect for bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, home offices and hallways. They can be used both as a headboard behind the bed and sofa, as well as eye-catching decoration on the TV wall, in the window recess or seat in the hall. The great advantage of the panels is easy DIY self-assembly, which does not require the help of a specialist. Panels can be mounted using universal mounting glue or if you want to be able to change the arrangement at any time, Velcro tapes or pads. Research conducted by the Building Research Institute confirms the sound insulation of mollis® upholstered panels up to 70%, which eliminates echo and mutes the interior. The elements also have insulating properties, becoming aesthetic cold wall protection.