With a new corporate and organizational structure, the Roto Group, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, intends to set the course for further growth. Graphics: Roto

Roto restructures company group

With a new corporate and organizational structure, the Roto Group, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, wants to set the course for further growth. As the construction supplier announces, the changes come into effect at the beginning of 2019. The centerpiece is the formation of a holding company and three independent, fully responsible companies. In the restructuring, the motto is “decentralized centralized”. As a result, the group will become faster, more economical, more efficient, and ultimately even closer to its customers. In addition, security and reliability for employees, customers, market partners and suppliers as well as the solidity of the owner were retained.
In detail, Dr. med. Eckhard Keill will be managing director of Roto Frank Holding AG from 2019 as “non-operative” holding company. She is primarily responsible for the general strategy development and monitoring, the area of ​​patents and law, acquisition policy, corporate identity (CI) and corporate design (CD) as well as general corporate communications. In addition, she represents the owners’ rights in the three group companies and exercises control over them together with the supervisory bodies.

In the Roto Frank window and door technology, over the next year, an outside personality will take over the chairmanship of the new company’s management and then replace Keill in that position. With his many years of know-how, the current CFO of Roto Frank AG has the “very important expertise” to professionally manage the high international requirements. For the employees in the core “everything remains the same”.
With the Roto Frank roof system technology, the name should convey the core competence, which is expressed in the development of the full-range provider for roof windows. The current management remains unchanged with Christoph Hugenberg as the future Chairman of the Management Board.
With the Roto Frank Professional Service the construction supplier bundles according to own data its strategic Nachversorgungs engagement in a separate company. The company will Christian Faden, who, as the current Head of Corporate Development, comes from within his own ranks. The “3rd Division” currently has four integrated specialist businesses from Germany and Switzerland who have joined the Roto Group since October 2017. These are Wollenberg from Berlin, Dachfenster Keller from Thalheim near Winterthur / Switzerland, Pfeil and Sons from Munich and Wiedemann security fittings from Hanover.
In one of the next editions of the building materials market, we will report in detail about the restructuring at Roto.

Source : https://www.baustoffmarkt-online.de/aktuell/news-industrie/detail/122519-roto-strukturiert-unternehmensgruppe-um/