As EURO-MAT member or supplier, you have  authorized access to the EURO-MAT SharePoint suppliers’ site.


What is the aim of our SharePoint platform?

SharePoint is an online collaboration system that helps us work together. It is centralized and protective platform where we can store, organize and share business information.

A selection of the available functions on SharePoint:

  • Find contacts of members / suppliers
  • Publish and share information in the “News” app and eventually upload an attachment. News can be shared here easily among ALL EURO-MAT partners.
  • Start a discussion or reply to an ongoing discussion in the “Discussions” app with ALL EURO-MAT partners.
  • Download internal documents related to EURO-MAT in the “Documents” app


It is a big challenge to keep in touch on an international level, certainly when physical meetings are limited. That’s why we would like to stimulate the use of our SharePoint platform in order to keep in touch with each other and share information and files in an easy way. By using it, we will discover the benefits of it and for sure improvements that must be made. That’s why we would like to ask you to get familiar with the platform by using the different functions. Please don’t hesitate to send us your remarks. This way we will all benefit from our online bespoke collaboration platform.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Contact regarding EURO-MAT SharePoint:
Marylène Doub
Tel. +31 85 9022 822