Deli Home has expanded its production capacity by installing a new fully automatic door-lacquering line in its Czech Republic factory for customised doors. This new machine ensures superior quality in the end-result and enables Deli Home to process doors much faster.



At the beginning of 2021, the Cefla door-lacquering line was installed in the factory. The doors are laid flat, sanded and afterwards lacquered by this modern machine. Using this new technique, the doors no longer need to be sanded by hand, but are made perfectly smooth by the machine. Thanks to the smooth under-layer, the lacquer will also be much smoother. This means achieving a far sleeker and more consistent end-result. In addition, the doors can be processed much faster. Using this machine, a door can be lacquered in less than 4 hours. That’s an enormous time-saving factor compared to the current method that takes 24 hours. This allows us to increase capacity and reduce the delivery time. This way, Deli Home is taking the next step for realising its ambition to become the digital carpentry factory of the future.


The door factory in the Czech Republic was established in 2003 and employs around 300 workers who take care of producing customised doors for the Weekamp Doors brand. The doors are custom-made with precision, including all the finishing, glass and hinges & locks, and can be finished in any desired colour. The orders are forwarded automatically from the Deli Home site in Dedemsvaart to the production facility in the Czech Republic, where they are subsequently translated and processed. Subsequently, the doors are transported from the Czech Republic to the warehouse in Dedemsvaart and from there they are delivered to the customers.

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