Looking for 0.2 seconds per nail serial assembly and work comfort improvement in concrete & steel applications? It’s easy! Learn about and order the Rawlplug SC40 system! The system created to reduce working time and increase the comfort of serial assembly.

  • Guarantees serial fixing of the point in 0.2 seconds.
  • Provides 15 times faster and therefore more cost effective installation relative to traditional wall plugs.
  • Improves work comfort due to dustless operation, low weight and a reduced threshold noise and slight recoil.
  • Plastic and metal installation brackets allow for the efficient installation of cables and pipes on ceilings, walls and floors.

The SC40 System consists of:

SC40II gas powered nailer

  • New compact design, very easy to operate and work
  • Rawlplug lithium-ion battery – only 30 minutes of charging gives up to 8,000 shots with a single charge*
  • Fast charging option – 2 minutes = 200 shots
  • One of the lightest gas nailers for steel and concrete on the market
  • Stand-by mode after 10 minutes of inactivity saves battery power
  • Keyless depth adjustment in 2 modes ensures ease of use
  • Dust protection cover, new cleaning and maintenance mechanism extends machines’ life
  • Improved mass distribution reduces overload on the forearm and increases work comfort

*results achieved in serial shooting installation test – one shot per one second

Fuel cells

  • Unique, high energy Rawlplug gas mix ensures obtaining the highest single Energy shot, which allows nails to be nailed in the range of 15-40 mm in concrete and steel
  • Top class cleanliness propane-butane prevents formation of impurities in the machine and extends trouble-free operation of the nailer
  • Gas resistance to a wide range of temperatures from -5 °C to 35 °C allows you to extend the working season of installation work
  • Synthetic oil content ensures trouble-free machine work for long time


  • Ballistic point increases performance into the base material
  • Full round head for a secure fixing with the highest performance achieved independently of the base material and the type of fasted element
  • Plastic collation provides protection from deterioration by weather conditions or high humidity

Installation clips

  • manufactured in accordance to RoHS from halogen free PA6
  • made mostly of high quality impact resistant nylon,
  • can be combined into sets, creating rails with an infinite number of configurations
  • available in many diameters and variants: single, double, open, closed and adjustable handles,
  • fully compatible with Rawlplug nailers and nails,
  • the highest quality, versatility and a number of unique improvements compared to existing solutions
  • save assembly time while guaranteeing secure mounting,
  • increase the comfort of installers’ work.

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