Do you look for reliable alternative among fixings? New Rawlplug® R-FFS shortest expansion zone frame fixing is the answer.

Here’s why R-FFS is specialist among universal fixings:

  • Wide range of matching base materials (categories A, B, C, D)
  • Anchoring depth reduced to 40 mm only for concrete (category A materials) and 50 mm in all remaining materials
  • Possibility to anchor to the depth of 40 mm in category B materials (solid bricks), as per the Rawlplug Advanced Design module in EasyFix® calculation sofware, based on the results of the tests TZUS Institute in Prague.
  • Can be used for outside condition with the use of bituminous coating.
  • High load capacity confirmed in the extensive documentation.
  • High shear strength thanks to the thicker screw and class 6.8 steel.
  • Resistance of the R-FFS to high temperaturę in fire conditions confirmed up to 90 minutes in concrete.
  • Installation time saving up to 40% when fixing in aerated concrete thanks to the dedicated setting tool included in the set, making it possible to obtain a hole of optimum depth without drilling and cleaning.
  • Flanged plug designed with installation of ventilated facade brackets in mind.
  • Anchorages satisfy requirements for Class A1

R-FFS was designed for professionals who expect reliability and fast fixing! Learn more HERE.


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