Small repair jobs, strong glues, guaranteed professional quality

Griffon expands its solutions for professional bonding, sealing and protecting with a compact range of repair adhesives presented in a counter display: Power Glue Control, Power Glue Gel and Max Repair Extreme. The range is suited for minor repairs of small parts and cracks, but also offers a solution for more demanding repairs of drawers, vehicle components and machine parts. Griffon’s repair range guarantees maximum result for every repair and maintenance job.


For every repair job the perfect solution

Griffon Power Glue Control: super-fast and extremely strong liquid super glue in an innovative tube with Direct-Stop-Technology. Ensures an easy and controlled application of the desired amount of glue, without dripping. Due to its consistency, the glue flows into the smallest corners and joints. Bonds many materials such as plastics, ceramics, metal, wood, rubber and more.


Griffon Power Glue Gel: super-fast, extra strong super glue that remains adjustable for a short time. The gel formula ensures non-drip, clean bonding and is ideal for porous materials and for use on vertical surfaces. Bonds various materials such as plastics, ceramics, metal, wood and rubber.


Griffon Max Repair Extreme: the ultimate repair solution for the more demanding repair jobs ! The product is based on innovative polymer technology. It guarantees powerful results on repair jobs inside and outside and is ideal for bigger gaps and flexible materials, thanks to its very strong, flexible, long-lasting, water-resistant and gap filling adhesion properties. It’s suitable for all surfaces and porous and non-porous materials such as wood, textiles, leather, cork, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, ceramic tiles, stone, cement and many other materials.


Griffon Power Glues & Max Repair Extreme: the most reliable solutions for all repair jobs!


About Bolton Adhesives

Bolton Adhesives represents the adhesives division of the Bolton Group and carries four prominent brands: UHU, Bison, Griffon and Air Max. Bolton Adhesives products offer the best solutions for bonding or sealing paper and cardboard, leather, fabric and wood, as well as for joining metal and plastic at home, in the office, at school, for DIY projects as well as professional jobs. The company sells through multiple distribution channels including supermarkets, office supply stores, do-it-yourself stores and the professional market. Bolton Adhesives employs approximately 700 employees.

Bolton Adhesives is part of the Bolton Group. The Bolton Group offers quality products in five consumer markets, namely food, personal and health care, household care, cosmetics, and adhesives.

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