New BigMat Technical Book on the acoustic insulation of buildings


Sound insulation has always been one of the building priorities, especially in the renovation sector, a necessity to be met to ensure home comfort both in residential buildings and in working contexts.

Professionals must possess knowledge in step with the constantly evolving regulations and updated technical skills on procedures and calculations to be carried out to perform a work in a workmanlike manner, with cutting-edge solutions to ensure privacy and environmental wellbeing.

BigMat, a point of reference for professionals, dedicates a 64-page volume to sound insulation, edited by the BigMat Technical Office with the editorial collaboration of ANIT, which analyzes the critical aspects of an acoustic project without excluding the need for a preventive acoustic diagnosis, in order to identify the real weak points of the building.


With the Technical Notebook Noise insulation of buildings, BigMat provides for its customers of artisans, businesses and professionals a useful tool, easy to consult and detailed to facilitate the performance of their work with insights and focus on both the theory and the legislation of reference both on the solutions suitable for each problem.


The BigMat Technical Notebooks can be requested free of charge in the Group’s sales points or browsed in digital version on the website in the area dedicated to the designer


“The acoustic protection of buildings is a topic treated since the ’50s in various national laws, regional and recommendations but never in a clear and exhaustive – explains Pierluigi Sabato, Head of BigMat Technical Office for Italy -, for this in the first part of it was necessary to clarify the legislation in force, from the Framework Law on acoustics n. 447 to the UNI 11367 standard for the acoustic classification of the real estate units “.


The acoustic comfort must be designed correctly, even better if in step with the thermal insulation; the combination of these two elements will in fact affect the value of the building and that is why in the second chapter the BigMat Technical Office and the engineer Matteo Borghi of ANIT highlighted the differences between the forecast calculation and the measures in place required from the legislation in order to understand what measures to adopt for their own sites and / or projects.


Equally important are the laying materials and indications – analyzed in the third and last chapter – where “the different types of noise (plane, walking and planting) were illustrated with the respective technological solutions to intervene on the elements of the building. Involved: facades, cavities, floors, stairwells and more, which allow us to construct buildings capable of responding to legislative requirements and achieving high levels of acoustic comfort »concludes engineer Sabato.


Among the tools of technical communication dedicated to professionals, BigMat also includes the Specials of UP! with in-depth information on the main constructive solutions related to the housing (also available on the website, the online space ExtraUP! ( with sector news and finally the precious partnership with Il Sole 24ORE for technical regulatory in-depth analysis.

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