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Construction work
FN Neuhofer 2020

The excavators are starting up on the Zell am Moos site. The internationally successful family firm of FN Neuhofer, a manufacturer of accessories for floors, walls and ceilings, is making a massive further investment. Start of preparatory work for the construction of the new production factories and the modern multistorey office building with its prestigious showroom was already made on 23.11.2020

 Originally, the start of construction was not envisaged until spring 2021. By why wait so long? So this successful company is making use of the opportunity this year with extensive investment in the construction measures at the Zell am Moos site. After a successful 2019 with turnover of 65.8 million Euros and growth of 10% compared with the prior year, FN Neuhofer is continuing its two-figure growth rate in this challenging year too. This is made possible by, among other things, an additional new major client and strong growth with existing clients.

The construction of two new “hangars” will create additional production space of 8,800 m². The 3-storey office building will have an area of 2,750 m² and an integrated modern canteen of 380 m². A 685 m² prestigious showroom will permit, among other things, the display of entire rack structures as seen in DIY stores and therefore offer a real experience for clients and partners. An area for presenting the impressive 370-year history of the firm and family is also planned. In addition, social and technical services areas will be provided. A new solid wood hall with 1.050 m² is also planned.

The total area of this construction project is 14,550 m².

The following investments are still to be made this year:

  • New aluminium and plastic packing line

(Industry 4.0 robot packing permitting faster production, automatic quality scan)

  • New painting plant

(Lower paint consumption because of spray application; RAL and NCS colours may be used)

  • New shrink tunnel

(Can process all sustainable films (from maize starch etc.); can use thinner films than before)


In recent years, a double-digit million Euro amount has been invested in the latest planing and sheathing technology , packaging robots, interlinked plant, digital printing technology and warehouses at the site.

Sustainability is of course always borne in mind. For example, some of our electricity is provided by the company’s own hydroelectric power plants and is to be supplemented by solar panels.