As a tiles producer, NETTO offers several hundred designs representing all natural stones in nature. To imitate the tiles’ surface more natural, Netto introduced innovative technology – Carving , associated with ‘’amusing’’ way of skiing.

Carving is a TOP new quality and a complete novelty on the market. Carving tiles are a proposal for unique interiors. Porcelain tiles produced in this technology are available in size 60×120, glazed, on porcelain , rectified, the class of abrasion is PEI IV. The collection includes both polished and matt finish surfaces which look like partly polished natural marble with natural canyons on the tile surface.

Carving gouging is done with the help of a digitally controlled machine connected to a computer in order to obtain exceptional graphic accuracy. It is any vector which comes to life as a dimensional trace on the board. Designs can be layered, repeated, or changed to achieve different effects.

The originality and innovation of this solution has been appreciated and NETTO has been awarded in the prestigious EU Ceramics Pearls competition, in which the NETTO’S Carving collection has received the 1st prize. We are really proud of that.

Another collection which has also been awarded in many competitions tiles tournaments  and at the international fairs in Valencia is Stardust… people often have associations with dropped Swarovski crystal diamonds.

The tiles from this collection have a unique finish surface like shiny dust, depending on the angle of the incident light, their surface shimmers and shines. Porcelain  tiles with this surface are available in size 60×60, they are glazed, rectified, on porcelain body. Stardust has one more advantage – the tiles have an increased anti-slip resistance, so they are often use on investments, as a  floor in bathrooms, showers or pools and mainly in the industry areas as a starcase/cage and shops/stores .

NETTO tiles’ designs are inspired by the beauty of the nature, without forgetting that the most important is the quality. The collections are designed to fullfill the expectations of the most demanding customers, giving unlimited arrangement possibilities.

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