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NewsMASCOT | Recycled Material: A Natural Workwear Development

MASCOT | Recycled Material: A Natural Workwear Development

Wednesday 25 october 2023

Workwear of the future must be as light and comfortable as sportswear, as innovative and durable as workwear and preferably with the highest possible proportion of recycled materials. MASCOT is leading the way by creating just that. WELCOME to a workwear range for various professions: MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED. Lighter, even stronger, even more stretch.

MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED workwear is a range developed to be extremely long lasting and made from a high percentage of recycled materials- especially in the main material. With the considerable number of products, product types and new colours in the range, it is possible to put together a personal look that is not only comfortable to work in throughout the day but also extremely strong, lightweight, hardwearing and water repellent.

Recycled material – a natural part of the process

The need to evaluate and improve the way we produce and what we produce is paramount to MASCOT. Now that it is possible to produce workwear from recycled materials with a durability and wear resistance to parallel new materials, it quite simply makes sense to act responsibly. The new MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range is a key example of continuously seeking out new methods that will allow MASCOT to become even better at reusing resources in the value chain to create a circular textile production.

MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED contains workwear from recycled materials that have an extremely high wear resistance. In the new range, you will find trousers and upper body garments where the primary material is made of recycled polyamide, which comes from surplus materials from textile production. This does not mean that used clothing has been turned into new material. It is a case of surplus materials from the textile production process, such as face material, yarn and similar having been recycled into new fabric.

Many of the products in the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range are also made from recycled polyester. This recycled polyester comes from recycled plastic material, e.g., used plastic bottles, which are broken down and used again. Or other plastic materials that are broken down to a granulate and reused as a new resource.

Long wear life is key

Apart from creating workwear that takes recycling into consideration, a second way to consider the environmental impact is to create long lasting products. This is why high quality and durability are central to MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED. Workwear is exposed to many elements and surfaces throughout a working day therefore, it is important to have materials which can withstand the pressures of everyday work and give the wearer a guarantee that they will last. The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED materials have been through extensive testing at MASCOT’S own laboratory before being put into production.

To take the range out of the testing laboratories and into everyday situations, the range was developed not only for tradespeople but in collaboration with tradespeople to ensure it is truly Tested to Work. Having collaboration with the people who will spend all day working in MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED, guarantees clothing with functionality that will withstand the wear and tear to which they are exposed to, ensuring 100% wearer satisfaction.

One of the test users had this to say:

I can squat down, work on my knees or climb a scaffold without difficulty, because the material has so much stretch. The flexibility is clearly a big reason to choose these trousers.

Mikkel, Electrician

Holster pockets for all professions

Having your tools at the right time and in the right place is always an importance consideration. Holster pockets can serve as your toolbox when you work in places where you do not have the ability to have a full one. MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED has taken good account of this important accessory and created several types to suit various professions. You will find holster pockets specifically developed for electricians, painters and other craftsmen and tradesmen requirements. They are made with CORDURA® which is 10 times stronger than cotton, three times stronger than standard polyester and twice as strong as standard nylon. CORDURA® helps the holster pockets last longer due to the various heavy and sharp objects that they hold.

MASCOT’s unique Click Pocket System is a new and innovative way to ensure your holster pockets stay in place in your preferred position. By having removable holster pockets, the lifespan of the trousers increases. Gone are the days of throwing away the trousers due to the pockets being worn out. Now you can change your pockets or the trousers when required. Place the pockets where you prefer with a simple click, and you can also decide how many you use in any given work situation.


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