Kärcher focuses on battery technology

– Over 40 new products at one go –

Kärcher presents its new “Kärcher Battery Universe” with over 40 machines: From garden and lawn maintenance to building site cleaning, from the hedge trimmer to the wet and dry vacuum cleaner – for garden enthusiasts and professional users. Both the compact batteries on the 18 V platform and the powerful batteries on the 36 V platform are available in different capacities in order to cover a wide field of application.

A unique selling point of all Kärcher platform batteries is the LCD display with real-time technology, which also accurately displays the remaining runtime and charge time in minutes, in addition to the remaining battery capacity. The high-performance spray water protection, which is unique to the household environment, guarantees that work can be completed without having to watch out for water-sensitive components (Class IPX5). The batteries are also protected against dust. The battery housing is made from robust plastic and is therefore exceptionally shockproof. Thanks to efficient temperature management, the batteries also deliver an optimal performance in intensive applications, intelligent cell monitoring protects against overloading, overheating and deep discharge. If a machine is not operated for an extended period, the processor-controlled, automatic warehouse mode of the Battery Power battery ensures a long life of the cells.

Battery-powered machines will gain in importance in the areas of cleaning and maintenance. Firstly, new applications will be possible as work can now be performed independently of the mains power supply. Secondly, users will benefit from work being made considerably easier. Unwind the cable, look for a power socket, roll up the cable – all of these work steps will become superfluous, tripping hazards will disappear and difficult-to-access areas will be easy to clean. This is particularly convenient in private homes. In building cleaning, small work steps add up and result in considerable effort – the use of battery-powered machines saves up to 20% work time compared with corded models.


Freedom as a life motto

 Whether it is lawn, hedge and tree care or leaf removal, Kärcher garden tools make gardens even more beautiful. And thanks to battery operation, there are no annoying cables.

Without a cable, so it is ready to use immediately, allowing you to move around as required by your hedge, lawn or patio. High-performance lithium-ion cells and an electronics system designed to work perfectly with them make Kärcher batteries especially powerful.

Unique features:

LCD Display with Real Time Technology

  • Real Time Technology

The unparalleled Kärcher Real Time Technology provides users with the best possible information. Unlike conventional LED displays, this technology provides a detailed display of the operating status and charge level.

  • Remaining run time in minutes

Users are provided with continuously updated information regarding the remaining running time during use and therefore know when the battery needs to be changed or charged, down to the minute. The run time is adjusted to match the specific device.

  • Remaining charging time in minutes

The remaining charging time is shown on the display during the charging process.

This ensures that users can know exactly when they can start work again.

  • Battery capacity as a percentage

The battery capacity can be read at a glance during storage.


Automatic storage mode

  • Long life time due to the processor-controlled automatic storage mode.



  • The battery has IPX5 protection from splashes and is therefore perfectly suited for outdoor use.


Other advantages that make the difference

  • Overload protection during charging:
    Intelligent cell monitoring also protects against overload during application
    and deep discharge.


  • Extreme robustness:

Shock resisting housing material.


  • Efficient temperature management:

Efficient heat buffering and intelligent battery management enables

high performance at power-intense applications.


  • High performance Li-Ion cells:

Steady performance with low self-discharge and without memory effect.