From 1 October, the restructuring of the management will be effective for all companies of H + H International in Germany, the Benelux countries and Switzerland. Markus Blum (50), who has been working in the construction and masonry industry for some 25 years, will gradually assume responsibility for marketing, sales and product management in these countries over the next few weeks. “With his extensive experience and knowledge in the market for masonry products, Markus Blum will professionally design and control the upcoming merger of H + H’s aerated concrete and lime sandstone businesses,” says Michael Anderson, CEO of the group of companies headquartered in Copenhagen. In addition to Markus Blum, Peter Lidstone, responsible for production and technology, as well as Jörg Bolt for finance, controlling, human resources and IT, will be members of the executive board for Germany, Benelux and Switzerland. Members of the new management team for Germany, in addition to the three members of the Executive Board, are Tilo Hahn, Tobias Jung and Dirk Worthmann from Heidelberger Kalksandstein, as well as Joachim Kartaun and Christoph Carouge from H + H Germany. Customers and suppliers of all plants keep their known contact persons.


Markus Blum will gradually take over responsibility as Chairman of the Management Board H + H Germany, Benelux and Switzerland in the coming weeks. Photo: H + H Germany