The newcomers bring big plus to the range: Thicker layer build-up, quick and easy vertical application and very fast drying of the top layer in case of rain.

‘All surfaces 100% waterproof and airtight’ is the mission of Griffon’s HBS-200® product range. Therefore the brand now expands with two innovative products: HBS-200® Rubber Tix and

HBS-200® Accelerator. Griffon HBS-200® Rubber Tix has a huge advantage in layer building due to its high viscosity. This makes vertical applying an easy assignment. Griffon HBS-200® Accelerator speeds up the drying process of the top layer and enables successful waterproof and airtight projects even when rainfall is expected.



HBS-200® Rubber Tix
Griffon HBS-200® Rubber Tix is a universal, durable, waterproof, airtight and protective coating with high viscosity. Therefore it is ideal for vertical applications on walls and partitions and enables a quicker layer build-up. HBS-200® Rubber Tix seals and protects many types of materials including concrete, metal, stone, wood, bitumen, zinc and PVC. It can be used for floors, seams, joints, conduits and structural components. The product can be used for both interior and exterior applications (bathrooms, cellars, balconies, roofs, etc.), including gutters, shower basins, conduit ducts, floor seams, expansion joints, window frame joints and ground level items. It is also suitable as a waterproof layer under tiles in damp and wet environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools, balconies and terraces. Also, HBS-200® Rubber Tix is approved for indoor applications according to A+ classification (France) and Emicode (Low indoor emissions). HBS-200® Rubber Tix comes in 1L, 5L and 16L buckets.


HBS-200® Accelerator
Griffon HBS-200® Accelerator ultimately speeds up drying times. When applying it to the HBS-200® coatings, skin will be formed after only 2 minutes. When applying Accelerator, HBS-200® coatings can already stand a light rain after 5 minutes and even withstand heavy rain after only 10 minutes! HBS-200® Accelerator gives every professional the opportunity to get the job done in time, when rainfall is expected. Griffon HBS-200® Accelerator comes in a 1 liter spray bottle and a 5 liter jerry can.


Most extensively tested and certified
The Griffon HBS-200® assortment stands for universal, flexible, waterproof and airtight coating for permanently elastic sealing and protecting of almost all surfaces. The quality of Griffon’s HBS-200® coating has been tested in accordance with European standards EN 1026, EN 1027 and EN 12114 for water- and air tightness. To be able to prove that HBS-200® is suitable for different applications, it has also been extensively tested to comply with (European) standards EN 14891, EN 15814, EN 1504-2, ETAG 022, EN 1297 and LEED. In addition, the universal, environmentally friendly, sealing and protective coating has three CE certificates for different applications, such as waterproofing beneath tiles and making concrete structures more durable. This makes it the most extensively tested and certified product in the market.

Complete assortment
With the newest additions to the range, Griffon now offers a complete assortment for waterproof and airtight building:

  • HBS-200® Liquid Rubber
  • HBS-200® Rubber Tix, in both bucket and cartridge packaging
  • HBS-200® Geotextile
  • HBS-200® Tape
  • HBS-200® Accelerator

Griffon HBS-200®: For 100% water & airtight surfaces!

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