ALMELO – Berdal updates its Foliefol technical construction products. In doing so, the airtight membranes specialist, based in Almelo, is fulfilling the ever-stricter regulations surrounding energy-efficient construction. Which makes the product more appealing to construction professionals. The new construction membranes contribute to better insulation, helping inhabitants save on energy costs.

Since the new requirements for BENG (Bijna Energie Neutrale Gebouwen — net zero energy building) were introduced on 1 January 2021, it is even more crucial that property insulation is as effective as possible, to save on energy consumption.

Airtight construction with Foliefol

Foliefol construction membranes make a significant contribution to sustainable construction. The brand has a wide range of membranes. There are two types of membranes specifically for airtight construction: membranes for a building’s warm side and membranes for its cold side. The membranes for the warm side are vapour-retardant and ensure that the construction remains moisture and damp-free. The membranes for the cold exterior of roofs and walls are vapour-permeable, yet prevent external moisture from permeating the construction.

“We are introducing new membranes, while also improving on existing brands,” says Michel Smit, Product and New Business Development Manager at Berdal. “Thanks to our Foliefol products, the insulation on constructions will soon function much better. This prevents heat loss and increases how comfortable it is to live in the property. So the benefit for inhabitants is twofold.”

Extra airtightness

When installed on roofs, the construction membranes must overlap to ensure a good seal. The overlap is then made airtight with a separate, loose tape. This process is different for new membranes, such as the Foliefol Multitop XS plus and ST plus. These membrane types have an integrated double-sided tape. As a result, the membranes just need to be placed on top of each other to adhere. This saves on materials and work, whilst ensuring extra airtightness.

EPDM membranes

Since 1987, Berdal has been supplying construction membranes and tapes under the name Foliefol.

“Five years ago, we also expanded our range with the ever-popular EPDM strips,” says Smit. “We also supply roof membranes for flat roofs and strips to ensure window frames are airtight. We specialise in airtight construction. We are also the only supplier with both EPDM and construction membranes, such as LDPE or spunbound membranes. We are introducing our EPDM products under the name Pandser – the only brand for Cradle-to-Cradle certified EPDM products in Europe.”

Updated packaging line

Berdal has completely rethought its Foliefol packaging line, distinguishing membranes for a building’s warm side, which now come in red packaging, from those for its cold side, which now come in blue packaging. This ensures the membranes are classified clearly.

“In addition to black and grey, we are now introducing membranes in a beautiful blue colour too. Both sides of the product are the same colour. This way, it is immediately clear which membrane you are handling. We are collaborating with wholesalers on signage, shelf layout and communication with retail outlets”, concludes Smit.

Foliefol now also supplies 25-metre rolls, as well as its standard 50-metre version. As a result, rolls are lighter and more manageable for construction professionals to handle up on the roofs.

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