It the beginning of July, the family business invested in a new plastic suction system at the location in Zell am Moos. Due to the continuing trend towards LVT floors, FN Neuhofer is focusing even more on water-resistant plastic strips, and this area is therefore being massively expanded.

The advantage of our technology for manufacturing plastic skirting boards in the same pattern as the flooring is the considerable flexibility of the skirting board shapes and our own digital printing of the décors. In-house toolmaking combined with our own digital printing means that we can quickly accommodate your wishes.

After expansion, the production capacity in the plastic skirting board segment will be at 26.4 million running metres per year.

Since the demand for solid timber profiles has increased enormously, we have decided to invest in a Weinig Powermat 2400 high-performance planing machine including full automation. The maximum throughput of the machine is about 100 m/min and this will allow us to produce an additional 20 million linear metres of solid timber profiles a year for you. The machine will come into operation in mid-October 2020.

The total production capacity of all plants amounts to 165 million running metres per year.

Fortunately, negotiations regarding the construction of the new production halls and warehouses are already complete. According to current estimates, construction will begin in spring 2021. However, the preparation work started back in August.

f.l.t.r: Alexander Schachl, Franz Neuhofer, Franz Neuhofer senior, Sigurd Steinkogler

The continued growth of our company and the steady stream of new hires are one of the reasons for this additional investment.

We will be building a multi-family property containing 13 rental units just a few minutes from our location so that we can offer our employees, among others, living space nearby. The building site is of special importance to me as my former primary school once stood there.

The property offers 1,075 m² of living space with completion planned for late June 2021.

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