Sustainability meets versatility

New fischer injection mortar FIS V Zero without hazard labels

Safety requirements protecting people and nature are on the increase in every industry and all aspects of life. As a pioneer in the field of sustainable fixing solutions, fischer now offers the new injection mortar FIS V Zero with a patented formula free from hazard labels. The new product protects the environment as well as the health of those using the product and the buildings it is used in. In doing so, the versatile FIS V Zero achieves the same performance characteristics as other universal mortars.

Be it professional applications such as installing railings and post-installed rebar connections or DIY projects such as hammocks – the injection mortar FIS V Zero is suitable for all common chemical fastening applications.

The innovative formula of the label-free universal mortar guarantees user-friendly and secure use with environmentally friendly application and disposal. Used cartridges can be discarded with the usual household waste, avoiding the costly disposal of hazardous waste. The FIS V Zero also requires less administrative work, because unlike other injection mortars, it does not require the shipping and handling of hazardous materials.

Innovative formula protects people and planet

By replacing dibenzoyl peroxide and other substances classified as environmentally hazardous, sensitizing and eye-irritating, the FIS V Zero does not require a hazard label and the corresponding safety data sheet. Instead of this peroxide commonly used for radical curing bonded anchors, the product uses environmentally friendly substances and a new, patented curing mechanism, resulting in maximum protection of people and the environment. Thanks to its innovative formula, the mortar fulfils the highest requirements to maintain clean indoor air quality with VOC content and VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) as confirmed by the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate. This makes the universal mortar ideal for closed rooms. The product is furthermore certified in accordance with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries which identifies products that are particularly environmentally friendly.

Flexible applications on the construction site

The new universal mortar has a wide range of applications, as the FIS V Zero has a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for fastenings in concrete and all conventional types of masonry as well as post-installed rebar connections and water-filled drill holes. The universal mortar can be used in any weather condition. By being simple to use in water-filled drill holes, it can also be installed in various conditions on the construction site. The approved installation temperature of -10 to 40°C allows the product to be used on the construction site all year round as well as for flexible applications by various trades. An in-house assessment furthermore confirms installation temperatures of up to -15 °C