Almost 130 people representing 27 countries and 74 companies gathered in Porto for the Euro-Mat Forum to share, gain and network with peers, friends and colleagues from the European construction business and deliver the vision of “doing it together”. As always, the Forum was at a special location. This time we decided to go to Porto because of the fact that Porto, for a lot of people still is a fairly unknown city. A pearl along the Atlantic Ocean, a city with many faces and a lot to offer! Another important reason for going to Porto was to welcome and visit our new supplier Amorin. Most members have visited the state of the art showroom and auditorium located just 20 minutes from Porto.

More than 350 “igloo” meetings have been realized during the two days and a lot informal during the time that was not planned and network dinner.

Key note speakers, Stephane Mennen from USP, Rui Miguel Nabeiro, CEO Delta Coffee and Andre Leonardo ( Make it happen) informed and gave us insights and provided take outs that will last and be captured.

After the reception at the Graham’s museum we walked through the cellar and saw the vintage Port wines that are stored in impressive barrels.

I dare to say that the view over the Douro from the terrace at the Vinum restaurant is one of the most impressive and spectacular that will be captured and probably will inspire to visit it again.

The dinner location provided the right atmosphere and the food was honest and good. The wines that were all from the Graham’s house were from an excellent quality.

We, as the Euro-Mat Team were excited and happy that we were able to organize this event together with you, our members and our suppliers. The result is as good as the components. You are crucial to make it the success it became, thank you for attending and adding your energy and commitment.


See you all at our next event. This will be our Workshop on September 18th  2018 in Zurich, “the intelligent building part one, energetic renovation”.