With a lot of pride and satisfaction, I look back at our “captains of industry” event last November in London.


No less than 18 very valuable “best practices” presentations were shared during the General Assembly. A direct result of the renewed strategy and implementation of the Mid-Term plan. Also because of the very enthusiastic reactions from our members, I am convinced that this is of great added value and in fact the core of what Euro-Mat offers its shareholders,  sharing of information and knowledge. This will make us even stronger and will be enforce us and better able to keep on outperforming the market.


We welcomed our friends, the suppliers, in the sky bar of Grange Sint Paul. Shed Simove and Mabel Nummerdor have given us a lot of energy and food for thought. Not only just funny and entertaining. I am convinced that everyone has taken on the necessary “take-outs” and insights home again.


While talking, we walked over the millennium bridge to the Tate Modern. Where on the top floor we were surprized by a most beautiful view over London and a cosy and wonderful dinner was prepared for us.


All in all a beautiful milestone in the already almost 30 year existence of Euro-Mat!