Member Byggern
Member Byggern

EA Smith, Bygger’n, Smith Stål, HIBA Hus and LSE Byggesystemer have signed the Guide Against Greenwashing, pledging to contribute to the green shift happening faster.

The Guide Against Greenwashing consists of 10 principles or recommendations, making greenwashing easier to avoid.

“Greenwashing is a form of misleading marketing in which a product or company is presented as better than it really is in terms of impact on climate, nature and people.”

There are various forms and methods of greenwashing, for example emphasizing environmental benefits without taking into account disadvantages.

Embraces the 17 Sustainability Goals of the UN

The guide was launched in July 2020 by Shift – Business’s climate leader, in collaboration with the Environmental Foundation ZERO, WWF World Wide Fund for Nature and the Future in our hands. The background to the initiative was that some of those who work in these organizations experienced that companies talked out loud about sustainability, without actually taking social responsibility.

The guide was made to embrace all 17 sustainability goals of the UN and is therefore not only about climate and the environment, but also about diversity and gender equality, among other things.

– We support the initiative and will follow the recommendations in our marketing and communication, says Øyvind Eidem, chain director at Bygger’n and Hiba Hus.

Environmentally friendly measures

He says all departments are now taking measures to become more financially sustainable and environmentally friendly. Among other things, electric vehicles have been used to transport goods to and from the construction site, digital tools ensure fewer errors during the construction processes and more use of pre-fabricated, standardized elements also ensures greater control over waste quantities, recycling and reuse.

Bygger’n has also recently entered into a partnership with SINTEF Technology Management and the Master Builder, and will discover through the “DigiTimber” project how to create a more efficient and sustainable operation on the construction site.

Community Builders

“Greenwashers talk out loud about sustainability without contributing to anything that makes the world a better place. Society builders ask what they can do to create common values ​​for society and business ».

– We know who we want to be, Eidem concludes.

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