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Builds out Builders at Oppdal

In the spring of 2021, those who drive the E6, the fastest route, will pass a significantly larger, upgraded and modern Bygger’n store in Oppdal.

A 2400 m2 building will then have been erected, ready to serve both old and new customers.

– We are planning a significant upgrade and expansion of Bygger´n Oppdal. Storage capacity is greatly increased and a throughput will be established. Here, customers can load their goods under roof in dry and bright surroundings, says Bjørn Arve Haugen, Group Attorney at E. A Smith.

The outdoor area will be expanded with new storage systems, lighting and good driving areas for both deliveries and customers. Existing buildings are retained, with the exception of two smaller storage rooms. In total, the building stock after completion of the development will amount to approximately 2400 m2. Shop about 420 m2 and make about 1700 m2, other areas are social rooms and technical rooms.

– Nothing beats people and service

It was in December last year that E. A. Smith AS bought the property in Oppdal, with a view to expanding the building department store. Construction will take place in stages, and everything will be ready in the spring of 2021. The development will be clearly visible to those passing on the E6.

– The location is nice, but we have learned from our 47 department stores that culture, people and service strike location and logo every time. We have a fantastic bunch at Bygger’nn Oppdal, and those are the ones we invest in, ”says Haugen.

He hopes this expansion will be a positive step in the construction and crafts industry, which is the largest industry in Oppdal, during these coronation times.

– The builder wants to help keep the wheels moving in the demanding situation Norway and our region are in. One of our measures is to initiate investments in our privately owned properties. After 150 years in operation, we are thinking from a long-term perspective, and hope the market responds positively to our strengthening now, says the group lawyer.

Contactless trade

Customers’ shopping patterns have naturally changed recently. The builder has therefore made it possible for customers to shop contactless through the online store, pay with Vipps and have the goods delivered. They have also implemented infection control measures that ensure safe trade in the store as well. At the same time, it has been important to have a fully deliverable building warehouse, in order to provide good service to the customers.

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We have missed the cabin people a bit, but managed to adapt to the new everyday life. These measures, in addition to a fantastic group of employees, mean that customers are still and increasingly shopping with us, says Haugen.

– It’s about time

There are currently seven employees at Bygger’n Oppdal, with Kjetil Anshushaug in the lead as general manager. He says in an interview with local newspaper that he is looking forward to the development.

– It’s time, and it’s needed. We are thinking of being here for a long, long time, he says.

The builder certainly sees the potential for further growth in Oppdal, and welcomes both old and new customers today – and when the doors open to a new building department store in 2021.


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