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Supplier Bosch

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Chancellor Merkel: „The new Bosch wafer fab will boost our capacity in microelectronics.“


  • Bosch CEO Denner: “With our first AIoT factory, we are setting new standards in chip production.”
  • EU Commissioner Vestager: “Semiconductors will help strengthen Europe’s competitiveness as a cradle for cutting-edge innovations.”
  • Minister-President Michael Kretschmer: “The new wafer fab is good for Europe, for Germany, and for Saxony.”
  • Artificial intelligence will create a sound basis for data-driven, continuous improvement in production, as well as for fast production rollouts.
  • The first chips for Bosch power tools will roll off the production line in July – six months earlier than planned.
  • At roughly one billion euros, the new manufacturing facility is the biggest single investment in Bosch’s more than 130-year history.
  • It is planned that 700 people will work in the facility once it is completed.

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Source: Bosch Media Service

Official opening of the 300-millimeter wafer fab in Dresden