Bolton adhesives will introduce for some items Peel-off labels where we are able to introduce multi-language labels, for the UNI-100, UNI-100 XT and WDF-05 with more different languages.  These new Peel-off labels have the advantage to show 6 to 8 languages per item.

We succeeded to reduce the SKU’s substantially what enables us and our partners to do export in more different countries with the same item number. Some items will remain the same.

Please find here below a detailed list with item numbers and available languages. Have close look to the item numbers you buy from us and the changes to the new item numbers in scheme below and attached, to ensure you order the proper items in the future.

Inform your purchase department and master data controller to do the necessary changes.

Looking forward to continue and extend our relationship, offering these new labeling, enabling to do export in more different countries with the correct language towards the labels. |
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