BigMat Group’s double win for the second edition of the Store Innovation Award: the BigMat Malta sales outlet triumphs in the “Store promotion” category while the HABIMAT Carini showroom in Rovereto (TN) won the “Innovative Strategy” category of the competition promoted by the magazine Building Trade (Tecniche Nuove Editore) to reward excellence in the distribution of materials, systems, finishes, accessories and equipment for building and architecture.

During the award ceremony on Thursday, September 14, at the Palazzo della Cultura in Milan, BigMat Malta was awarded the “Store promotion” award for the incisive promotional and formative action also realized through events in stores involving the territory , as well as being one of the 3 Stores to have obtained the “special mention” assigned by the editorial staff of the magazine.

The HABIMAT Carini showroom in Rovereto (TN) has been rewarded for its “Innovative Strategy” or for developing new activities and strategies to improve the distribution business.

The two stores were selected among the 43 stores by the jury chaired by Ivo Nardella, CEO of the Tecniche Nuove Group, and formed by Marco Casamonti, Director of the Area magazine; Paolo Colombo, President Assoposa; Francesca Malerba, Editor-in-Chief Ed. Commerce; Gabriele Nicoli, vice president Sercomated; Alessandro Ponti, President of Harley & Dikkinson Finance; Edoardo Sabbadin, Professor of Economics and Business Management at the University of Parma; Laura Tarroni, editor of Casastile; Filippo Tramelli, PrimoPiano and Mario Verduci, Secretary-General Federcomated and Sercomated Managing Director