Berdal introduces – as a Premium Partner of the FENTO brand – the FENTO Board and the new positioning of the total FENTO range.

Momentarily, there are many interesting innovations concerning the FENTO brand. As you know, FENTO is an innovative organization, the changes they implement are always the result of demand from the market itself and the aim is to serve the target group as well as possible. Their newest innovations are the introduction of a new knee protector named the FENTO BOARD and the change in product names of their complete product range.

Introduction of the FENTO BOARD

The FENTO BOARD is the latest knee protector in FENTO’s product line and was specially developed to give you extra mobility. There is no need to tie this knee protector around your knee and the handle along the top end ensures you can remove it and take it with you easily. It has the perfect weight: light enough to remove easily and heavy enough not to blow away in the wind. As you would expect of FENTO, the FENTO BOARD offers perfect ergonomics, wear-resistant quality, a broad surface for optimal stability, and we have utilised our characteristic Ergonomic Wedge that prevents knee and back complaints.

Introduction of new product names

FENTO has updated all product names. The new names say far more about use of the product, much clearer as far as we are concerned. Within the overview image you see all new product names all together. As of last summer, these are the current names FENTO will use for their products.

The FENTO range is the ideal range for the true professional who cares about ergonomics and a safe working environment. Contact our sales for more information on how Berdal can support your organization to successfully implement these products in your range.

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