The Adeo group is strengthening its development in the BtoB with its new Probox brand dedicated to building professionals.
With its new concept of Probox sign for building artisans, the Adeo group (Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Dompro …) wants to break the codes of professional distribution. Each store called “base-life” will be both “a place of transaction and logistics, and at the same time a place of life”. The first point of sale of 700 m2, which opened its doors on September 6 in Gennevilliers, was designed as a base-life site to be closer to the daily life of a craftsman or an installer. On the assortment side, the catalog is wide since it comes in 17,500 references from 230 suppliers. About half of the items are displayed and immediately available in the store: the selection is made via barcodes in the 18 product areas of the store that can be scanned with Zebra mobile devices made available to customers. This device has the advantage of saving time by integrating payment into the process. The withdrawal of the order is then made within 2 counters in the stock area. The approximately 9000 other references are available in D + 1 if the customer places an order before 18.00. The sign also focuses on services to facilitate the daily life of the craftsman. Inside the store, dedicated spaces: the area called “Zinc” offers free coffees, breakfasts, drinks and packed lunches, the area “the office” allows the professional to manage his administrative, d to make estimates and proposes technical literature, the space “the room of O” makes it possible to take a shower. Outside the store, there are 18 lockers to retrieve 24-hour orders placed online, a waste collection service Ecodrop sites … In the digital age, the concept is obviously cross-channel with multiple ordering possibilities: the “base-life” shop, the merchant site, the “platform” telephone platform, the barcode order (in stores, via the catalog ). The opening of a second store will take place in a few weeks in Aubervilliers and a dozen stores should open by June 2019 in the Paris region.

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24 septembre 2018 – Sabrina TIPHANEAUX