On November 9th we have experienced our 2nd “Captains of Industry” meeting. This time we came together in Prague. 67 Captains of Industry attended and enjoyed an evening of networking and were surprised by two key-note speakers. Jan Paul Shops from USP who gave his view on the recent market developments especially about the effects of the on-going digitalisation and e-commerce. The fair share is now only getting bigger in DIY. Jan Paul expects the growth of e-commerce in the professional builders trade not within the next 2 years. From this rather rational prospective, Tomas Sedlacek took us on a mental journey, he gave the audience an intensive, abstractive and at some momentums emotional and a lot of “food for thought”!

The network dinner was at the Grand Cru Restaurant one of Prague’s top restaurants with Michelin star chef Jan Puncochar. After a nice and cosy reception we enjoyed a great dinner together.

The next morning we visited the “state of art” DEK outlet where Vit Kudnar introduced the DEK sales-, supply chain- and e commerce concepts and gave us insight in the BIM software that is already completely integrated and available for the customers of DEK.