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Information30 reasons to join EURO-MAT

30 reasons to join EURO-MAT

There’s at least 30 reasons to join us:

In the 27 years of existence, EURO-MAT has built up a solid and reliable network of business partners across industries with one goal in mind, to provide its suppliers with better market connections. Because knowing the right people on the right places at the right time is a halfway to kick start your business.

Now you can benefit from EURO-MAT’s networking efforts as well without going through the intimidating endeavour yourself. If you decide to join.

We can inform you about:

  • Value proposition suppliers/members
  • Insights and on site impressions of suppliers/members
  • Information about end user buying behaviour
  • Panel discussions with pan European suppliers
  • Market share
  • Perceived and measured service levels
  • Specialism
  • Segmentations
  • European market trends
  • Developments and trends in routes to markets
  • Best practices in distribution
  • Customer insight
  • Builders product innovations
  • Investments and divestments
  • SOW

We can help you:

  • To grow
  • To get inspired
  • By sharing experience
  • Increase your profitability
  • To penatrate markets
  • Enter new markets
  • By introducing you to new suppliers
  • Create awareness of product introductions and innovations
  • Improve the effectiveness of your internal organization
  • To enlarge your SOW
  • Initiate panel discussions with builders merchants on a managing and entrepreneurial level, or with pan european suppliers
  • With market research
  • With custom made, dedicated requiries
  • With international trainee-ship suppliers/members
  • With the exchange of staff amongst members