EURO-MAT members are leading national purchase cooperatives providing solid foundation and support in their markets. Each member has a market leading position and consists of merchants with a long tradition. EURO-MAT strives for sustainable cooperations.  27 years tradition with our members is a great example of it.

Being a member of Euro-Mat confirms that you are a part of THE unique and most prestigeous European network of independent builders’ merchants and suppliers!

If you are interested in a cooperation with EURO-MAT, please contact us to explore the opportunities EURO-MAT may offer you. In your message, please attach a brief presentation of your company and an overview of your European activities. EURO-MAT then will conduct a market analysis and assess the potential of your company in our group.

Annual national forums of our members are available to all referenced suppliers. EURO-MAT facilitates contact with the member in question.

EURO-MAT introduces you to the European key decision makers. Our European platform along with European forums provides unique network opportunities. EURO-MAT helps you to develop your business in Europe and to penetrate new markets with great efficiency. EURO-MAT also offers European market intelligence and supplier assessment to help you better orientate on the market. For more information on our services, please visit the Services section on our website.

We are a European group with European focus and so should be our suppliers. The key idea is to benefit from the European versatility and introduce our suppliers to new markets. Therefore EURO-MAT suppliers should be Europe oriented and have the ability to serve the European market logistically.

All referenced suppliers are preferred. It is at the end your effort to gain as much as you can to obtain your fair share within the concerned market.