Supplier's Forum

At EURO-MAT we believe that business relationships are built person to person. Such relationships then establish a solid foundation for prosperous and growing cooperation.

For 25 (?) years EURO-MAT’s Forum challenged business leaders to learn more about the market, its culture, the people and values and to make the best out of the opportunities.

Business is done by people and therefore EURO-MAT strives to bring the key decision makers in our industry to one place every year, the EURO-MAT Forum. A unique platform where the industry leaders uncover the opportunities by exchanging knowledge, expertise and business intelligence among themselves. This swift exchange of intelligence allows our partners to get an edge on opportunities.

Besides a unique networking opportunity, at EURO-MAT’s Forum, suppliers may participate in the “speed dating” session where they meet the EURO-MAT members, of their selection, face to face to discuss new or ongoing partnerships.

On 2014 Forum more than 620 individual meetings took place. Product and Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, owners and CEO’s were discussing the strengthening of their business cooperation.

“Where can I in two days get a chance to speak with the leading building material cooperation’s in Europe? This was a question asked by the 14 new EURO-MAT suppliers in particularly.

“It is a great endorsement for our cooperation and at the same time a motivation for our employees to continue our journey together”, said Dirk Bormann who received the award at the gala dinner representing the Swedish clothing manufacturer Blåkläder.

“EURO-MAT is not only a contact platform for new suppliers. We also see ourselves as a mediator and platform for our longstanding business partners when it is about consolidation and optimization of existing business relationships” Lucien Hardt, General Manager of EURO-MAT.


Please find the programm for members, suppliers, and potential suppliers here.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

National Forums

The members’ National Forums are a primetime exhibitions that happen on annual basis. They present the perfect opportunity to bring retail, marketing and networking into focus. The exhibition presents the exhibitors with a fine platform through which they can introduce their products and services and find exposure and visibility for the same. The top brands in the market are participating on the events and apart from the main product display and demonstrations, there are interactive industry discussions and intense networking sessions. Each EURO-MAT referenced supplier may apply to participate on the National Forums.


On the bi-annual basis, May’s Supplier Forum and October’s Product meeting, EURO-MAT organizes workshops for the suppliers and members on the hottest market topics such as: Service Society, Omni Channel Distribution, E-commerce and M-commerce, SCM, Material Procurement etc.

The aim of the workshop is to bring a new fresh insight from the top speakers and combine it with the valuable experience of the all participants. In order to maximize the workshop’s potential participating suppliers and members are divided into working groups, with respect to their market presence, and asked to solve a certain model situation or a case study. At the final round the table discussion results of all groups are shared and compared revealing new opportune solutions and ideas.

Vivid discussions showed how important these topics are nowadays from both perspectives: how to attract the customer and gain his loyalty and how to improve the business efficiency implementing modern digital business models. Some of the results of this work have their follow up in the real life within the coming months.


Additionally to the forums EURO-MAT members traditionally organize national fairs with a clear purpose of bringing industries together with merchants. National Fairs are an opportune event no supplier wishes to miss, because of the possible potential, up to 60 million Euros in new deals. National Fairs facilitate a closer partnerships between the supply chain and the distribution. All referenced suppliers may apply for the National Fairs at EURO-MAT members.