Honeywell & the PPE Craftsmen Offer

Honeywell Safety Products (HSP) is a leading global manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), including head, hearing, eye/face, respiratory, hand, footwear, clothing and fall protection. HSP is focused on delivering innovative safety solutions for high-risk environments, allowing workers and craftsmen to perform their jobs with greater confidence.

Honeywell Safety is committed to protecting men and women exposed to risks in all types of industries and work environments. It is this commitment that drives our design and Manufacture of high quality equipment to meet the wide variety of workers’ safety needs. Combining advanced technology, comfort and ergonomic features, we offer the most complete line of personal protective equipment from our international leading brands.

Presentation of the PPE for craftsmen range: a turnkey solution for Self-Services

Unlike employees of large companies, craftsmen are generally left to their own devices to manage their safety. With the PPE Craftsmen offer, Honeywell facilitates the access to personal protective equipment within self-service builder’s merchants points of sales, enabling the craftsmen ease of access to Head to Toe PPE from where they buy their building materials. The offer is composed of quality products that are adapted to the needs of construction workers.

In order to make the customers autonomous within the point of sale, the risks covered by the equipment are clearly identified on the packaging and the products are accompanied by helpful and educational selection guides. To support the sales in-store, numerous merchandising solutions are offered and the commercial activity is stimulated with promotional offers and pallet box operations.

Discover a unique fall protection range

Falling from height is a major cause of death in construction. Fall protection is category 3 PPE; it is complex and involves a combination of products with a certain level of knowledge. Therefore, choosing the right fall protection equipment is a very serious matter. For this reason, the PPE craftsmen range includes a unique fall protection offer for the market. This range is composed of 3 types of kits, so as to answer the three principal needs of safety at height for craftsmen: work on roofs, scaffolding set-up and work on mobile platforms. In order to guide the customer towards the right solution in-store, the key entry point on the packaging is the image of a man using the equipment in the very situation he will need it. The products are also accompanied by point of sales information helping to reassure the craftsmen with his choice. On the back of the packaging, information is provided about other possible applications and drawings show how to use the products. These are supported by demonstration videos that can be watched on smartphones thanks to QR codes. Recommendations about other helpful or completing products that are not provided in the kit might also be found. Fall protection is finally easy to access and understand.

In 1973, Sidney Swartz had developed the famous Yellow boot and created the Timberland® brand.
At the time, all he wanted to do was “to make great footwear”.
Based on this legacy, the Timberland® values grew with the company and are at the heart of every single new product development.

Born in 1999, the Timberland PRO® brand is dedicated to professionals providing comfort, durability and protection to those who work in the most demanding environments.

Since 2004, Honeywell Safety Products has been a licensee for Timberland PRO® and manages the strategy, product conception and manufacturing as well as the development of the brand in Europe and some parts of the Middle East and Africa.

Timberland PRO® offers a full range of professional footwear, protective Apparel, protective gloves and accessories.

When conceiving, manufacturing and selling products, Timberland PRO® is led by 4 main values : Durability, Innovation, Comfort, Supplier sustainability

Safety Shoes Timberland PRO® : Tough on the outside, comfort on the inside, Timberland PRO® professional footwear is designed with the workers’ feet and well-being in mind. Timberland PRO® thinks about where the work shoe will be used and adapts technology, materials and know-how to build the best comfortable footwear solutions for workers – in all environments.

Meticulous attention to detail, excellent design and top quality materials provide cushioning, shock absorption, breathability, and slip resistance. And most Timberland PRO® footwear offers many more features….Timberland PRO® designs professional footwear to concentrate on work and not aching feet.

Rain, sleet, snow, heat – Timberland PRO® apparel keeps the weather out and the comfort in.

Timberland PRO® protective apparel is designed with meticulous attention to detail – every aspect of the garment is for the workers benefit. Top quality materials & detailed-driven finishing offer unsurpassed durability & comfort in tough working conditions. Warmth, breathability, moisture management systems such as CoolMax® fabrics, ergonomic fit for increased freedom of movement and design innovation provide solutions for all worker needs in rigorous environments.

Timberland PRO® designs protective apparel that keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Gloves Timberland PRO® : Temperature-engineered for warm or cool to keep hands free to work.

Timberland PRO® protective gloves are created exclusively for working professionals who need ultimate comfort and protection on the job. Rugged innovative materials and reinforcements offer unmatched levels of dexterity, flexibility, and breathability for workers requiring free use of their hands to get the job done. Timberland PRO® designs protective gloves to keep hands warm or cool depending on the work environment and need of the worker.


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