Griffon. Committed to professionals.


Griffon offers the professional end user easy fast and reliable solutions for building, bonding & fixing, wood construction, sealing & protecting.

With this, Griffon guarantees a complete selection for the building and installation sector.

With several sales offices in Europe, Griffon has built up a strong international market position.

Griffon strong points

  • Pan-European brand
  • Full marketing support
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Demonstration

Our solutions

 Some well-known Griffon products are:

  • Poly Max® mounting range – solvent free assembly adhesives of absolute top quality
  • Wood Max® construction adhesive
  • HBS-200® Liquid Rubber waterproof & airtight coating
  • Kolmat® thread sealing products
  • T-88®, UNI-100®, UNI-100® XT (without THF) PVC-cements
  • Blue Gel™ Lubricant
  • S-39® soft soldering flux


Griffon / Bolton Adhesives
Adriaan Volker Huis
14th Floor
Oostmaaslaan 67
3063 AN Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel.  +31 (0)88 3 235 700
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