FAKRO is a private, family-owned company established in 1991. It is the most dynamic and fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. Over the past dozen of years, a small family company has developed into an international corporation.

The aim of FAKRO is to deliver top quality loft-related products meeting customer expectations all over the world.

Today, FAKRO Group is:

– the leader in manufacturing and sales of roof windows in Poland

– one of the leading companies in the world with approximately 15% share of the global market

– with over 100.000 m2 of production area (7 manufacturing plants in Europe)

– over 3.000 employees

– 12 FAKRO distribution companies (USA, England, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, China)

– 30.000 m2 of storage area

– extended distribution network in all countries, where there is a demand for roof windows

modern research and development centre (over 39 constructors)

the author of many patented and several patents pending solutions.

FAKRO offers a wide range of products to transform attics into comfortable living spaces:

– a comprehensive range of roof window designs including top hung windows, centre pivot windows, access roof lights and skylights,

roof window accessories including venetian blinds, external and internal roller blinds, external awning blinds, control units, remote control systems and smoke ventilation systems,

– a wide range of loft ladders,

solar panels,

roof membranes



ul.Wegierska 144a

PL – 33-300 Nowy Sacz


Tel: +48 / 18 444 04 44

Web : www.fakro.com

Mail: j.kulpa@fakro.pl