Deli Home is known for the Bruynzeel, CanDo, Lundia, Skantrae and Weekamp brands. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of the product groups timber, doors, flooring & stairs, storage, insect screens and bathroom fixtures. Deli Home has 1800 employees, is active in 12 countries and has a turnover of € 330 million.

At Deli Home we believe that using custom timber products, produced specifically for the space they are to be used in, is the best way to improve and customize a home. In our product development process we value sustainability, added value and the quality of true craftsmanship.

Scarcity of craftsmen and high cost of commodities causes craftmanship to come at a high price. It is our ambition to make custom wood craftsmanship available to everybody – so they can get the most out of their home and their life.

At Deli Home we believe everybody should have access to wood craftsmanship, our mission is to make custom home improvements easy. We convey this mission throughout the consumer journey, from inspiration, configuration and creation, to ordering, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

By understanding consumer needs and the preferred consumer journey we can manufacture attractive wood based solutions. Developing modern tools that make it easy to configure and order these products makes wood craftsmanship attainable to all. Deli Home also provides means that simplify delivery and instalment of the products. By continuously measuring the effects of our solutions, we always stay in touch with consumer needs.


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